I just found out that Dr. Identity got a very positive review from Booklist.

“At Bliptown’s Corndog University, the practice of android substitution leads to mayhem when Dr. Identity, the ‘ganger for English professor Blah, accidentally murders a prominent student-thing…How the ever-resourceful Dr. Identity and his hapless charge navigate the surreal and bewildering technological landscape of Bliptown while evading the ubiquitous “papanazi” militia fills out the plot of Wilson’s madcap, macabre black comedy. Along the way, readers meet rudely intrusive newsmen, mechanical bug-eyed monsters, and an aspiring papanazi known only as Achtung 66.799. Wilson’s sardonic, riotously imaginative vision of the future holds a mirror up to our own increasingly chaotic society and makes provocative entertainment.”—Booklist


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