I’m learning a lot from this five promo things a day experiment. First, it’s harder than it looks. I feel I’ve really been using Amazon as a crutch because everything on there can be done pretty quickly and a lot of days I just don’t have any new ideas. I’m posting the things I do in part to keep track and make sure I do it but also so others can get ideas from promo. However, I’m not sure I’ve provided too many great ideas so far.

It has gotten me to investigate the new Search Suggestion feature at Amazon. I’m not sure how useful it’s going to be but it’s looking somewhat promising for bizarro. For instance I’ve suggested that two of John’s books come up if people search for Bizarro and it is working. However, his books are on the third or fourth page of results. I don’t know much about search engines. If I keep doing the search and clicking on his books can I bump the book up in the results?

I’ve also come across quite a few ways to promote our other releases too. That’s good but it’s also a bit overwhelming. I’m not sure the 5 things a day strategy is ideal for a publisher.

cinco de amazon
-check on search suggestion for LBIH
-check on search suggestion for DAB
-add search suggestion for Pocket Full
-add search suggestion for The Troublesome Amputee
-search and click thru