One thing that I have not utilized much for promotions is message boards. I don’t really like ’em and there are not many I go to. The only one I’ve really read much of is Shocklines but it seems to be more for authors than readers. So does anybody know message boards where readers hang out?


  1. I dig “The Velvet,” although that’s mostly focused on three authors. It’s like The Cult’s kinder, gentler older brother.

  2. Thanks for the tip. Do you happen to know the address. I did a quick search and couldn’t find it. If not, I’ll keep digging.

  3. Of course!

    I think the chats there are one of the best thing around but since I don’t normally go to message boards I forgot about the message board side of it.

  4. Hey we have plenty of readers! You think I would keep the board going if I wasn’t selling a ton of books off of it 😉

    Just kidding. Lost & Damned is a great one and is definitely very reader-heavy.

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