Spent most of last night putting together packages and this morning too. Luna Maris is now available and selling like hotcakes. I can barely keep up! took a bunch to sell on tour and after only a few dates are almost out of them. Is there any wonder with artwork like this?

Plus we’ve got galleys available for Isabel Burning, Blankety Blank, Lemur, Jesus Coyote, Worse Than Myself & Health Agent so I’ve been juggling addresses, licking envelopes and spending a lot quality time with my postage meter lately.


  1. You were the first to order! It was shipped out yesterday morning so you should receive it soon. Unfortunately the flu intervened, otherwise they would have shipped sooner.

  2. Well, you know I only post the good stuff here. I’d need a whole blog to itself for all the whining I could do.

  3. Oh sweet!

    And I know about the flu, had it two weeks ago and it kicked me in the ass! That was so painful, glad that it sounds like you are doing better! 🙂

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