And Your Point Is? got a cool mention in ASIMOV’s:

“Anything connected with the enigmatic and perilous SF writer named Jeff Lint (see Steve Aylett’s Lint [2005] for a biographical map of the crime scene) is subject to ambiguity. But I think that I can safely report this much: with And Your Point Is?, Steve Aylett has assembled a “Lint Companion,” so to speak, that is fit to live on in infamy next to Lint’s own mighty non-linear screeds. These mini-essays explicating “Scorn & Meaning in Jeff Lint’s fiction” all bear the true and accurate stamp of gleeful derangement so characteristic of Lint the man, Lint the books, and Lint the monster from the fourth dimension.” Paul DiFilippo

If I’m not mistaken that’s the first time one of our books has appeared in that magazine. Cool!

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