Unlikely Stories recently interviewed psycho-analyzed Tom Bradley. That man has got all the right things wrong with him! Take for instance:

“That is the true miracle and transformative revelation of Bizarro: its alchemical wedding of trash and serious literature, its transmutation of base pulp metal into literary gold–which I trust will be lining all our pockets someday very soon.”

Read the whole interview if you dare!


  1. Anonymous

    from Tom, the analysand

    Yeah, Jennifer, they had me on the couch. The discussion page for the interview is getting pretty schizoid, too.

  2. Anonymous

    from the interviewee-wee, cont’d

    The discussion page for “Bizarro is my God-Baby” at Unlikely Stories is spinning out of control! It’s getting bizarre as the interview itself.

    They’re trying to pick the best passages from LEMUR to read to their babies at beddy-bye time.

    I don’t want to be responsible for the incubation of any nutty serial killers. So I am trying to redirect their inflamed attention to LUNA MARIS, which is a much more appropriate book for the kids.

  3. Anonymous

    Very cool.

    I have a picture book of my own coming out this fall.

    It is a very intriguing genre to apply one’s self to.

    Hope you sell a bunch.

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