A couple things I’ve noticed about this journal:

1. I seem to have a lot of things to post here lately. Many days I’ve even got more than one link, blurb, review, tidbit of news or what have you to post but I like to keep it short so I space it out instead. I used to have to struggle to find things to post.

2. Even though it’s not supposed to be an organizational tool I’m always using it for a reference. Today I was working on a book cover and needed a review blurb. The easiest way to find it was to skim through the journal and find the entry where I posted the link. Most of the content from the RDSP newsletter comes from this journal too.

3. Less people are posting comments here, maybe less people are reading the journal? I think this is because I never have time to comment on other people’s journals (but I do check up on all my friend’s entries most days). But even though this blog might be reaching less people it’s become an invaluable tool for me to keep track of things.