The first few reviews have come in for Blankety Blank. I was starting to worry since we sent out a lot of copies but hadn’t seen any reviews yet. Ideally it’s best to have a semi-steady stream of reviews starting a month or two before the book comes out until at least several months after the book has been released. I’ve noticed that the books that are the best sellers are also the ones that have reviews coming out over a long period of time.

In Blankety Blank fact and fiction don’t so much blur as they collide like lovesick Sumo’s fired at each other from cartoon cannons, resulting in a pseudo-biographical romp interspersed with fictional histories, strange quotes, haikus, and plain ludicrously fun happenings.

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At times it’s part Desperate Housewives–suburban drama, parties and wicked rumor mill– and other times it’s dark and brutal commentary, or complete bizzarro-fueled randomness.

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