Ack! It’s almost been a week since my last update. Bet you thought I was slacking but, no, I’ve been hard at work. Got the lettering done for Spider Pie so that’s another cover wrapped up. I’ve now got pages for both Spider Pie and Westermead up on the site plus I’ve linked them in the menu and added them in the catalog.

I’ve done most of the layout for Pseudo-City but still have some tedious and boring parts to do. I’ve been checking out John’s layout for Spider Pie which looks good but needs some help on the technical side plus I’m going to have a bit of fun sprucing it up with extras I think.Spider Pie is going to be a neat little book with lots of character. It reminds of The Nightmare Before Christmas, cute in a freakish kind of way. I love that kind of stuff! I can’t stand REAL cute stuff, in fact I may be allergic.

Jeff received the promo bags for ES! and loved everything. He got a big kick out of the pins with his picture on them and the stickers I designed. He also loved the collage sign cakeearthhead did. He said he will definitely display it at the sigining.

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