WHC is shaping up to be pretty cool this year. It will definitely be cool to hang out with Michael, Jen and Oliver from Cthulhu Sex again. But we’ll also get to meet wretlind and he’s promised to give us a one-of-a-kind, home-brewed, leather bound chapbook of his work that’s been trimmed with a hacksaw. I also saw something on dj_of_l’s journal that indicated he might be there as well. Speaking of Dustin, he’s managed to get the RDSP catalog and a copy of Sick displayed in his local Hollywood Video. There’s a pic in his journal to prove it!

We’ve got some exciting prospects for doing Play Dead promo and Tempting Disaster will be out in time for the con too. We may even has Pseudo-City ready. I’ve been working on an updated RDSP catalog for 2005 which is almost done so that will come in handy too.

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