We took a short spontaneous vacation on Tuesday evening and Wednesday. It’s hard to plan getaways because we never know when we’re going to be busy so it worked well just to take off on the spur of the moment.

One piece of news that has kept me happy for days is that we were able to negotiate a cheaper price for part of the Everybody Scream! special edition package. Since we cut the price awfully close this will really help us out and it means that Jeff’s percentage will be more. It seems crazy but one of my favorite things is actually being able to pay authors. We’ve had to do so many projects without being able to offer much compensation that it feels like luxury to be able to pay something, even if it still isn’t near to what the fiction is worth.

Mike sent along this review of 100 Jolts : http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art21255.asp

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