Yesterday we received an excellent blurb from Gerard Houarner. Here’s part of what he said:

“The Fall of Never is a dark, suspenseful descent into the wild heart of dream, where the primal power of the imagination can turn reality into nightmare.” Gerard Houarner, The Beast That Was Max, Road to Hell

I’ve posted the entire blurb on the info page for The Fall of Never. I can’t believe Gerard read the book so fast. I think we just sent him the mss last week and it’s a pretty long book!

Yesterday we got to meet Ron Malfi along with his girlfriend Debbie for the first time. It was really great getting to talk to him about all manner of publishing and literary stuff. I know he’s going to read this (close your eyes now, Ron!) but it’s always inspiring to hang out with energetic and intelligent people who are willing to work toward their goals. Since there are so many writers out there you would think you’d be tripping over motivated authors every time you set foot outside your house.

But often all you hear about are setbacks and disappointments (these are inevitable and abundant for everyone) with no plans on how to move forward or what to do next. Now I am willing commiserate with the best of them about things that don’t work out, anthologies that fall through etc. but when missed opportunities are all you have to talk about it seems suspiciously like a negative attitude.

I know from personal experience that downplaying your accomplishments can be just as dangerous as over-estimating yourself and it’s too easy to get dragged into a do-nothing funk once you start thinking negatively. So once again I have to say that I am grateful to work with a bunch of authors who take their lumps and keep going.

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