Increase Productivity!

I thought getting more work out the the RDSP duo would be like getting blood out of a stone…until I had the brilliant idea of getting another computer. Now John and I will be able to work side by side at all hours of the day, night & weekend. Maybe we can instant message each other for kicks!

For a long time I thought it would be ridiculous to have two computers but a 3 day weekend really proves how 99.9% of RDSP work has to be done on a computer so when one of us is working the other can only twiddle thumbs or do laundry. Luckily I had some money coming to me from a raise they forgot to give me last September. Not to worry, it won’t be burning any holes in anything!

Of course another computer is going to be a lot of work in itself to set up. Hopefully we can network the two machines but I expect to go through a lot of frustration before we get to the maximized productivity stage.