I’ve been trying to be more active on message boards lately partly as a means of spreading the Raw Dog word and partly just to keep up with who is doing what but sometimes it’s overwhelming. Plus I’m an inveterate lurker and don’t usually like to post. But I did post a giveaway on the Shocklines.com message board today that I hope will get a decent response. Darren volunteered to give away a signed copy of A Dirge for the Temporal so I asked people to post their spookiest travel experiences and the best one will win the book. I figured since many of Darren’s stories take place in exotic locations and the characters are often on vacation or traveling that it would be an appropriate contest.

I wanted to mention how much I enjoy Simon Wood’s newsletter which is great for inveterate, on-the-go, lurkers like me because it comes directly to your mailbox. I’ve been avidly following the antics of Wood, a transplanted Englishman and author, his level-headed wife Julie, Royston (a long-haired dachshund) and their cat Streetcar. The last two installments dealing with the wildlife of California have been hilarious. If you want to sign up for the newsletter just go to the Newsletter section of his web site http://www.simonwood.net. There are also excerpts from the past newsletters if you want to catch up.

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