We had so much fun at the Gallery Neptune reading/exhibit. First of all it was great to see D. Harlan Wilson again. We were lucky enough to meet up with him, his fiancee Christine and his sister Jane before the reading to eat dinner. Though we’d never me his sister or fiancee it was like hanging out with old friends.

There was a great turnout for the event. Gallery Neptune is small and I don’t think it could have held any more people than the ones that showed up. David Wallace’s explanation of his collage technique and the things that inspire him was enlightening. After he spoke John performed a few poems. People particularly seemed to dig the two that John wrote based on the artwork and the last one which was composed almost entirely from titles of David Wallace pieces. For a few poems John even had thereminist Arthur Harrison accompany his reading.

As a break between readings Arthur performed a solo on the theremin. Then D. Harlan read stories from both The Kafka Effekt and Stranger on the Loose. His stuff is so outrageous and he’s an excellent reader so it was definitely a treat.

Matt & Deena Warner were able to make it out and we always enjoy seeing them. It was also cool to meet David Wallace because his collage is so interesting. He seemed to really enjoy John’s poetic interpretations of his work too.

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