A weird sense of humor

WFC is over and John has returned. However his flight back was delayed twice, he got back so late that I haven’t heard too much about how it went. One thing he did mention was that he ran into someone from Bantam Books and they had actually heard of RDSP so that was cool. I’m always surprised when strangers know about our company, it usually feels like we’re whispering into a sewer drain telling a bunch of rats about how they could buy our books on Amazon.com if they knew how to use a mouse.

Apparently people were looking for Bare Bone #8 because they had seen the cover on on LJ and liked it. I was also tickled to hear that jlassen from Night Shade Books was bitter about just how special the Westermead special edition is because if he’s bitter then you know he was impressed.

I also learned that D. Harlan Wilson went to a very small college (less people than the high school John and I attended). You see John doesn’t tell me about this stuff in any kind of reasonable, ordered fashion. He just throws the stuff out there with no concern to the relevance of it at all.

Oh, he also saw Deuce Bigelow, European Gigolo at the hotel and thought it was hilarious. Thank god I was spared that indignity.