Here’s a pic of John, Mike Arnzen, Forrest Aguirre & D. Harlan Wilson, they sure look like they’re having fun! Since I didn’t go to WFC we don’t have any pics but this one came courtesy of Mike.

Other WFC tidbits:
It sounds like Night Shade Books is back with a vengeance. They went through some tough times recently so I was *really* glad to hear that things are working out for them now.

John and D. Harlan may co-author a book.

Chris Ambrose got stuck with 5 times more Sushi than he wanted.

John finally read A Choir of Ill Children and loved it just like I told him he would a million years ago.

Roger from Endeavor Press is studying to be a massage therapist.

Brian Evenson won an IHG award for The Wavering Knife and Forrest made the acceptance speech for him. That’s another book I’ve told John he should read, maybe he’ll get to it by WFC 2010!


  1. Yeah, we were all smiles . . . until I bit Wilson’s fingers off and ran around the room spewing blood and knuckles on the walls and carpet. Hey, it was late, I was a little hungry . . . and you can see where he waved his fingers. Thankfully Mike’s camera was covered in gore and shorted out any candid shots that might have come out after this one was taken. Mike isn’t so happy about it, but at least he kept his fingers.

  2. Yes, John mentioned something about “the fingers incident” but I’ve been trying to keep this journal upbeat of late so I decided not to mention it. I believe Mike has gotten over the loss of his camera but I hear Wilson wants revenge!

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