BookExpo America

We’ve been considering doing the BookExpo America convention since it’s in DC this year. BookExpo is totally different than the fan cons we normally do. It’s not genre specific and it’s all publishers exhibiting for book sellers and libraries. A table at BookExpo is like 5 or 10 times more expensive than a usual convention but we’d have no travel expenses so it would basically be the same, or maybe a little less than some of the cons we’ve done in the past. In a way I think it’s still a little too early for our company to make this move but who knows how many years before BookExpo is back in DC.

The thing that most attracts me about it is getting away from the usual genre mire. Genre can be a helpful place to start but it’s also limiting. One of our prime goals has always been to put out stuff that either crosses or trancends genre. Another exciting thing about it is there are a lot of people interested in buying the foreign rights for books and I’d love to see our books translated.

It can be kind of scary outside of the cozy genre community that we’ve come to know so well but I think there’s a lot of opportunities out there. I’m reminded of my favorite Ric Flair saying, “If you’re gonna play dress up, play it big time, baby! Wooooo!”