It appears that The Library Journal has reviewed Westermead

Library Journal
A little girl who sees things others can’t saves the life of a stranger and unleashes a monster in “Four Bronze Sisters,” while an unnatural beast haunts the countryside in “The Frost Mare.” Through these and other tales, anecdotes, and bits of local lore, Thomas (Cobwebs and Whispers) unfolds the tale of Westermead, a rural country populated with simple folk and steeped in old magic. Thomas brings to life a strangely magical land through its folk legends and its intriguing inhabitants. This moody collection of dark fantasy stories belongs in larger libraries.

Wow, I can’t believe that since May of this year we’ve managed to get a second review in Publisher’s Weekly, a review in Booklist and now Library Journal. I guess they really do take you more seriously if you do hardcovers.

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