I nearly had a major freakout last night when I was looking over the printed pages of what we had completed so far for Everybody Scream! and realized the type was way too small. Changing the typeface would not only add plenty of pages to the book costing us a lot more money but the hours I’d put in on prettying up the text would have been wasted because everything would shift.

John was out running an errand at the time so I decided to try to calm down and wait for him to come back before doing anything drastic (John’s always good to have around if any drastic measures are required). So we recalculated the price and started looking at different font sizes until he finally said, “These pages look reduced.”

Turns out when I printed the PDF it reduced the whole thing. Don’t ask me why Acrobat does that but sometimes it shrinks the text “to fit the page” even when the text already fits on the ding dang page! I still decided to adjust some stuff with the text which required a bit of extra work but nothing like what would be have been necessary if the font size had to be changed. The book is a bit longer now, about 290 pages I think but more easy on the eyes.

current mood: relieved

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