Scream, then scream again

So we realized yesterday at the last minute that we need a dust jacket for the hardcover edition of Everybody Scream!. See I’d been concentrating so much on the special edition which needs to be a hardcover for the them to put the resin on to make the face. But that covers everything up so it doesn’t matter what’s on the cover of the book. Then I realized no one is going to buy the regular hardcover edition with a blank cover.

So now I’m designing the dust jacket which is kind of fun. Jeff sent a great author pic to go on the inside flap too. However this dust jacket stuff is kind of expensive so the hardcover is going to cost $30. Personally I can’t afford to pay $30 for a book but I guess a lot of collectors really prefer a hardcover no matter the price. Plus we hope to tempt a lot of libraries into buying it. Several editors on the small press panel also said that Publisher’s Weekly is more likely to review hardcovers. Well they just better review this one!