For anyone counting yesterday marked the 15th year John and I have spent together. It really doesn’t seem like it’s been that long.

The whole Bizarro thing motivated me to try to get more reading done. So I burned through Jeremy Robert Johnson’s Angel Dust Apocalypse and really enjoyed it. I haven’t done any reading except manuscript subs and editing our own books for months now so it was a welcome change of pace. Here’s what I posted on Amazon about the book:

“Angel Dust Apocalypse is a lurid, intense headlong rush into psychosis. Forget impulse control, what if you were to do the first thing that came into your mind? What if the person NEXT to you were to do the same? Hopefully I don’t find myself next to any of Jeremy Robert Johnson’s characters any time soon because they are out of control and racing towards oblivion. This book is a fast, super-charged jolt of a read but the afterburn on your retinas will linger. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary let Bizarro Lit’s master of hallucinations take your mind out for a joy ride.”

Next on my list: Fishy Fleshed by Carlton Mellick III


  1. Happy Anniversary. Fifteen years is a good long time.

    I’ve got some reading to do this week. Just recieved my arc of Mike Arnzen’s PLAY DEAD. Yowza. I’m going to enjoy reading this one.

  2. An Invocation

    … and may Agape Love (or something similiar) shine forth from you on this, your anniversary (two days late).

  3. Glad to hear it

    It’s always good to know when a package arrives safely! I look forward to seeing what you think of Mike’s latest.

  4. Thanks! I can’t help thinking it’s ironic that our anniversary is on the 4th but it gives us something to celebrate even when the state of our nation is so depressing.

  5. Anonymous

    I have never been a Nonymous

    15 years!!! That’s awesome! Sort of thing that gives me hope. May your festival of agape love continue ever forward.

    And THANKS(!) for the cool review. I’ll have eunuch groupies in no time!


    p.s. Enjoy Fishy-Fleshed but don’t try to read the yWellish version- it’ll hurt your retinas.

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