Yesterday was one of those days.
Negative comments had me wondering if the press is going in the right direction, if we made the right decisions for packaging and promoing certain releases and which titles are the best to pick up for the future.

Too much thinking about these things can make your head hurt. It’s very easy for people outside of the company to criticize, complain or advise and a lot of it is useful information. But at the same time none of them can see the whole picture. There certainly is not one specific way to go about doing ANYTHING in publishing. We do our best which means trying to be expert in business/finance, marketing, graphics, editing, promo etc. Most people just specialize in ONE of these aspects. It’s a lot to handle and 2nd guessing every decision just isn’t useful.

A lot of publishers I’ve met are strong-willed, hard-headed and opinionated. There’s a reason for that…you won’t get two feet from your front door if you don’t have the ability to make a plan and stick by it.


  1. Well, if it counts for anything, it seems to me like you’re doing a damn fine job. I wouldn’t work with you if I didn’t think you’re really really going places. Any business that’s just starting out is going to struggle, you have to find your footing and it takes awhile to figure out how to get everything just right. But you guys have got what it takes, and I’ve got absolute confidence in you.

  2. You and John are multi talented and strong willed individuals. You’ve taken a “what if” and made several great books that have readers raving. There would be a huge gap in the indie world if RDSP was not present. I feel lucky to be able work with you guys when I do.

  3. Thanks!

    When our authors are happy with us that’s the best. But unfortunately sometimes people have really high expectations that we can’t live up to. It’s crazy when you talk to other publishers and get the real dirt on sales. Many releases that look so successful to the general public actually bomb for one reason or another. So far we haven’t had any of those. There have been some books that didn’t sell as well as we’d hoped but nothing that could really sink us.

  4. you’re right

    Some days I have a tendency to forget how far we’ve come…from a webzine to a full-fledged publishing company in just a few years. It’s great to be able to work with people such as yourself and it’s true that many of the books we put out simply would not have existed or gotten published if RDSP hadn’t been created.

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