One of the coolest things that happened recently is that Play Dead was reviewed in both Publisher’s Weekly and Booklist. This is only the second book we’ve had reviewed in PW and the first for Booklist.

PW said:…this cautionary tale grows sticky with relentless gore as the victims pile up. I actually hate PW reviews because they mostly just outline the plot and give too much away.

The Booklist review was better: Established contemporary horror author Arnzen serves up a chilling brew of gritty dialogue and hard-boiled, James Ellroy-style action that, by means of unexpected plot twists, never fails to keep readers alert and guessing.

I finally finished putting together the files for the Play Dead deck that will come with the grimoire. I have to say that artist Dave Lipscomb really outdid himself this time on the illustrations.



    I actually just recently read Mellick’s Fishy Fleshed and I would recommend that one. I think it might be one of his best. Mellick’s stuff isn’t for everybody but if you like weird lit he’s a must-read. His story in the Tempting Disaster antho that we put out at the beginning of the year is also excellent.

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