“…women are simply smarter than men, no way around it.”

Here’s a recent interview with Ron Malfi aka brotherrabbit where he talks about the creative process behind The Fall of Never, how his writing has evolved and what he’s up to now: http://www.seviercountynews.com/seviercountynews/default.asp?id=6

He also shows that he’s not just a pretty face with this perceptive comment; “I feel women are simply smarter than men, no way around it.” I knew there was a reason why I like Ron…

Here are some other recent interviews with some of our authors:
D. Harlan Wilson discusses Pseudo-City, his writing style and where he gets his ideas

Mike Arnzen talks about Play Dead, poker and Amityville. Even if you don’t feel like reading the article, the cover photo of Mike is worth a look!

Listen to an audio file of Matt Warner being interviewed by the Horror Reader.

Grimm and Grimmer: Jeffrey Thomas talks about his collaborative relationship with his brother Scott Thomas, author of Westermead.