Today I’ve been working on a little icon to use between breaks inEverybody Scream!. The book is set at the Punktown Fair so at first I wanted to do a roller coaster. But that didn’t work out so it looks like it will be a Ferris Wheel. I know I’m spending too much time on something so small…

I’ve also been scheming on how to to a joint art exhibit/reading with Mike Arnzen and Matt Sesow, the artist who did the cover for Mike’s 100 Jolts. Speaking of Sesow, I dropped by his website and saw they recently did a piece on him at The Washington Post. Way to go Matt! Anyway, I think that Mike’s brutal stories and Matt’s brutarian paintings really go well together and they would be great in a joint event.

current mood: devious
current music: Killer by Swamp Terrorists

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