The Oregonian recently ran an interesting article, mostly about Eraserhead Press but also covering bizarro in general. It’s cool to see the genre getting more press.

Don’t forget we’ll be at the Baltimore Bookfest this entire weekend! I hope some of you locals will stop by. Rumor has it will be in attendance.


  1. I wanted to do something big on bizarro in RM last year, but I couldn’t get anyone to send me review copies!

  2. At the time I was holding on to it to include in that big story I had planned on bizarro, but then the other titles I’d needed never materialized and the book grew to old to cover. If you release any more bizarro titles, send ’em in and I’ll get a review done up. 🙂 It is still a movement I am very much interested in exploring in the mag.

  3. Something on bizarro in RM would be awesome! I hope you didn’t request books from us and not get copies. We’re always happy to send copies but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle.

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