I finally got a page up for Isabel Burning and a cover image! I’m really looking forward to releasing that book!

Donna and Steve are quickly becoming my heroes. Here’s a little of their philosophy on creative endeavors from a recent interview with Vampirefreaks.com:

What advice can you give those out there who want to pursue an creative endeavor, whether it’s music, or writing, or illiustrating?

S: Its a pretty simple formula, you just have to stick with it. Make some stuff, put it out there for the world to see, wash, rinse, repeat. The trick is staying with it, even when you have no food or someone tells you it’s crap. Make as much as you can, in as many styles and media as possible, don’t let your self get too comfortable in any one thing.

D: Don’t be scared to do the things you love. And don’t be too proud to recognize when you need to evaluate what you do, and make changes. Also, don’t put something in your mouth if you don’t know what it is. That’s just sound advice for anyone.

I think Donna was right on the money about that last bit!


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