It’s cool to have so many people give us a high-five about the PW review. There’s nothing like general good-will to make a publisher feel all rosy inside.

I spent most of today trying to do a paypal shopping cart thingy so people can order RDSP titles directly from us. In the beginning I didn’t do it because we didn’t have that many releases and our page wasn’t getting that much traffic. A couple people at WFC said we ought to have something, even the most simple ordering, so I’m following their advice. It was also suggested that we make a printable order form so people can send checks. I plan on doing that but I’m not sure how soon I’ll get around to it.

I just had one of those freak-out moments when I realized that we are taking another trip next week. What the hell was I thinking? I wanted to use those free airline miles…but we’re not even caught up with the backlog from WFC!

We had to take our mascot, not cakeearthhead, the OTHER mascot, to the vet yesterday. Our poor Glory Hound had ripped a claw practically in half. The nail was still attached and flopping all over the place, plus it was raw red and icky. They had to cauterize the wound and put a day-glo orange bandage on her foot.

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