hallucinatory stories

Jeff just sent us a copy of the PW review and it’s quite positive, I’m relieved and elated. Here’s the section he chose to quote;

“the results are alternately hilarious and terrifying…Thomas uses techniques and ideas pioneered by Lovecraft to make caustic social observations about humanity, in particular our exploitation of other species.”

Most of the rest of the review describes various plot elements and there’s actually nothing negative whatsoever. I’ll post the whole review once its been published. Now we’ll have to see how many sales this generates. Regardless of the results we’re just happy to be taken seriously.

We also received a review of A Dirge for the Temporal from Paula Guran. I can’t post the whole thing until it’s published but here’s a tasty tidbit, “…you’ll find atmospheric and hallucinatory stories from a writer of considerable poetic power. Speegle’s stories are eerie rather than extreme and more subtle than splat-filled.”

Plus we received an uber-cool package from dj_of_l and a site called Unspeakable Magazine wants to promo the dog. Today has been a *very* good day.

The Glory Hound thanks you all for your kind concern. The bandages are off and she’s running around raising hell again!