About the Book

A mysterious discovery in space, the ruthless destruction of a cargo ship, and a desperate plea for help from a friend lead Mykol Ranglen, the hero of The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes and In a Suspect Universe, on a dangerous interstellar quest that, if it fails, could lead to war between planets. Joining forces with a fierce young woman who survived the cargo-ship disaster and who’s bent on revenge, the two follow a trail of piracy, political conspiracy, and the perilous remains of an alien civilization to terrors and evils both human and planetary, escalating into confrontations that neither of them could ever have foreseen.

Haunted Stars is coming out April 20th
preorders will receive a signed bookplate and custom sticker

About the Artist

The cover was created by UK artist Bradley Sharp who is an expert in vector illustrations and has created many vibrant book covers. You can see more of his art at his website: http://www.bradsharp.co.uk/ or follow him on Instagram: @bradsharp_art.

About the Ranglen Series

The science-fiction “Mykol Ranglen” series blends classic adventures in space with new noir mystery, romance, and cosmic horror. The protagonist, Mykol Ranglen, is a writer and explorer-adventurer who has an uncanny skill—which he regrets and always keeps secret—in finding “Clips,” pieces of useful and valuable technology hidden away on various planets. They were concealed by the Airafane, an ancient civilization that once warred against another group, the Moyocks, early in the galaxy’s history. Both races are now extinct but the remains of their discoveries, and their wars, now influence human civilization as it spreads into the stars. The competition among the newly settled worlds to find these Clips, and the cosmic wonders and terrors they encounter, generate the stories of Ranglen’s investigations, pursuits of the unknown, and explorations into a galactic sublime.

Praise for Wendland’s Ranglen Series –

“In Wendland’s intricately plotted, character-driven debut, pulp exploration meets philosophical speculation, and a moralistic sensibility is fused with Philip K. Dick’s paranoid fantasies and Ray Bradbury’s awe of alien encounters.…Impending doom pervades ripping action scenes, the Lovecraftian theme of ancient warring aliens lends cosmic menace and authenticity to a grandiose mystery…deeply absorbing.”—Publishers Weekly starred review

“…shows a narrative energy and enthusiasm for the genre…there is an intriguing mystery subplot, and when the action picks up, readers will want to stay for the final act.”—Library Journal

“Inside are alien worlds and titanic space habitats and a brilliant and paranoid hero, all skillfully blended together with long-vanished galactic secrets.”—William H. Keith, New York Times Best Selling Author

Albert Wendland, Biography –

An early interest in astronomy, DC science-fiction comics, and the Sunday Flash Gordon adventure strip led Albert Wendland to a life-long fascination with science fiction. He wrote one of the earliest dissertations on science fiction, and even his drawings and paintings had SF themes. He’s taught literature, fiction-writing, and often SF at Seton Hill University, where he co-created the MFA program in Writing Popular Fiction, which emphasizes genre fiction exclusively—an emphasis rare in graduate writing programs. His SF novel, The Man Who Loved Alien Landscapes, a starred pick-of-the-week by Publisher’s Weekly, was released by Dog Star Books and became the first installment in his “Mykol Ranglen” series (described by readers as “space noir”). It was followed by a prequel, In a Suspect Universe, and then by a collection of poems, Temporary Planets for Transitory Days, which supposedly were written by the protagonist of the first two books. The current novel, Haunted Stars, takes place between the two earlier stories, and Wendland currently is working on more novels that will be sequels to the first one. (He’s described his series more as a spiral than a straight line.) His other interests are geology, astronomy, landscape photography (see his pictures on Facebook and Instagram), graphic novels, film, and the “sublime” in prose, art, nature, and outer space.