DogCon 5 Was Held at Broadkill Writers Resort in Milton, DE

DogCon 5 was quite an adventure! Though the weather was not great, everyone enjoyed being walking distance from the beach and there were plenty of great beach-combing finds. Touring the Dogfish Head brewery was a highlight. The creativity and imagination that went into forming that business is a true motivation and their aesthetic of not trying to please everyone but, instead, doing what you love, blended perfectly with the RDSP approach to publishing.

Arnzen’s live “instigation” was both entertaining and inspiring. The stories written during that short workshop were all excellent! The RDSP Against Humanity deck of cards was a smashing success and the epic tournament of Cards Against Humanity will haunt some of the players forever. Beverly Bambury gave two excellent talks, one on social media for authors and the other on creating a pitch list.

Matt Betts was named the Readers’ Choice champion but lost power just before he could accept the award via the internet. The State of the Dog Speech gave us something the set our sights on as we go forward with RDSP. And in between these high points there was much hilarity, camaraderie and writerly fun to be had.

Much of DogCon 5 was broadcast live and archived on YouTube for posterity. You can: