So the verdict on Bare Bone #6 is in. Horror-web has spoken. #6 is the best issue yet! And, as usual, Bloody Mary had a few colorful things to say about RDSP too, “Those bastards at Raw Dog pull more tricks than a coked out hooker in Vegas.” To read the whole review go here:;action=display;num=1106769590

Been working on a lot of things. Sent out PDF proofs to the authors for Pseudo-City andWestermead. Doing a little editing on Spider Pie. Working on cover art for Play Dead. Doing layout for a special edition of Westermead. Jeez, it’s a wonder I can keep all these books straight, or is it Wester Plays Spider City?

Sick continues to spread like the deadly virus it is. Soon the entire video watching public in dj_of_l’s hometown will succumb. Check out his lj if you don’t believe me.

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