I finally got mr_graig’s blurb for Spider Pie up on the page about the book. I was excited about his response:

“These stories will bitchslap your sensibilities and molest your pets. Each macabre absurdity is better than the last. I laughed, I winced, I bled spontaneously from every orifice. With Spider Pie, Alyssa Sturgill firmly establishes herself as the new deviant demoness on the block.” – Craig Sernotti editor, Crown of Bones

I added a little on to the description of the book and put up another piece by the cover artist, Kris Kuksi. It’s a stunning 3-D wall hanging. I didn’t see anything like that on his site so I was really surprised when he sent the image.

Also steve_vernon’s thoughtful review of 15 Serial Killers just went up at ReallyScary.com: http://www.reallyscary.com/reviews15serial.asp

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