Election? What election?

horrordiva just sent the link to a couple places where her review of Everybody Scream! is published. Check it out: http://www.gothicrevue.com/EverybodyScream.html

Today it’s just been email after email to write. First I had to catch up on the correspondence from when we were gone, then do follow-up emails to people we met at the con. I’m probably only halfway through the list.

I’ve been trying to gear up for our next batch of books but there are still so many things to do for our last two releases, particularly The Fall of Never. Plus I’m still trying to finish up Bare Bone 6. The ads were a great idea but they create a whole new layer to the process.

I’ve got lots of ideas percolating in my brain for World Fantasy next year and I’m excited by the next set of books which are going to be a bit lighter on the horror but much more weird!

And yes, I did my time in line this morning but that’s all I’m going to say about it.