Everyone said WFC was the con to go to if you wanted to meet professionals in the industry as opposed to fans and they were right. John and I got to finally meet Jason from Night Shade Books and talk to Jeremy who we’d met before. I had a long talk with Roger from Endeavor Press who just put The House of the Temple by Brian Lumley. Sean Wallace from Prime Books had a bunch of advice for us.

We ran into Paula Guran who said lots of good things about Darren Speegle’s writing. It was great being across the aisle from Patrick and Honna Swenson who do Tale Bones magazine and Fairwood Press. John talked a lot of with Maryann from the Small Press Co-op too. I snagged a copy of Polyphony 4 from Wheatland Press and talked to one of the editors, Deborah Layne. I’ve already read a few of the stories in the book and it’s good stuff.

There were quite a few writers that we talked to as well. It was cool to see David Corwell again. I talked to Sean MacLachlan(sp?) quite a bit and Nikki Pill. Tom Monteleone is always fun to talk to and of course we hung out with Mike Arnzen whenever we got the chance to leave the dealer’s table.

But mainly this trip to WFC was a scouting expedition for next year when we’ll be releasing more dark fantasy titles. Now we have an idea of what the crowd and con are like so we’ll be able to promo like crazy.

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