It’s official and it’s been announced that we will be releasing Matthew Warner’s novel Eyes Everywhere. John has mostly been handling this project and, to tell the truth, I haven’t even gotten to read the whole manuscript but what I have read so far was very entertaining. I love fiction that is darkly funny and intelligent but still tells a good story and this novel delivers on all counts. For more info about the book go here.


  1. i couldn’t stand that book.
    it was one of those books where finishing it was the reading equivelant of climbing mount everest.
    halfway through it, you know you’re stupid for having started it but you can’t let the horrid pile of rock win.

  2. Yes Loki, you should, it’s more like climbing a mount everest made entirely out of broken plastic forks, and run on sentances. Halfway through The Fall of Never you still reading it becuase HAVE to find out what the damn plastic forks are all about.

    On the otherhand it’s a damn creepy good book, and on the whole i liked it. But i’m fully on hemmigson’s side of the “length” arguement.

  3. Oddly enough i’m somewhere in the middle of your book right now, I like how after a certin number of pages they just stoped trying to number them. And i found a typo, at one point you have on instead of no.

  4. Haven’t read Matt’s first book, but I can tell you this one is good. Some brilliantly messed-up psychological stuff going down, and great attention to detail.

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