Attack of the Rabid Zombie Pitbull

Finally got up a page about the Play Dead Grimoire with some pictures and info. We plan on announcing the pre-order in August and I think they will sell out pretty much immediately. I really wish we didn’t have to cut the number of Grimoires in half, the demand is so high and it stresses me out trying to keep up with which retailers want copies and how to distribute them fairly. And don’t even mention the collectors that are always writing!

Lately I’ve been amazed by Arnzen’s promo again! I can barely keep up with all the things he’s doing to announce Play Dead and stir up interest. He’s like a rabid zombie pitbull I tell you! It has really lifted my spirits and kept me from worrying about the whole new distribution/offset experiment we’re doing with this title. Since I’m not sleeping much lately I need any lift I can get.