It looks like Afterbirth Books is going to have John’s book out in time for Horrorfind! Very cool. I just finished re-re-re-reading the manuscript a few days ago. Well maybe I hadn’t read all the stories 4 times but I know I’ve read a lot of them more than twice. And don’t you know it, there were still mistakes! Grrr.

Here’s a description of the book: This collection highlights dark surrealism at its most experimental and absurd depths. The texts are perception-altering and soul-poisoning, humorous in the way that accidental amputation and spontaneous combustion are. From the man who works at the foot fungus factory to the man who lives in a giant rectum, Pocket Full of Loose Razorblades will leave you wondering where you misplaced your sanity.

John’s been collecting a lot of hilarious blurbs from various miscreants that are quite entertaining. For instance here’s one from Alyssa Sturgill, : “Once again, John Lawson takes a jackhammer to the crotch of mainstream fiction. This collection of beautifully-crafted stories is more disturbing than a wet fart in a crowded elevator, and prettier than a whore three weeks dead. His razorblade candy will render you a godless gibbering heathen, and you’ll enjoy every last minute of it.”

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