Ripley was born July 18th, 4:29 pm, he weighed over 8 pounds and measured 21.5 inches.

It was the hardest work I’ve ever done to get him into the world without drugs but well worth it!

Check out the onesie that Deena Warner made, it’s not totally clear but it’s our logo except with a puppy instead of a dog and it says Raw Puppy Screaming Press. Lots of people have sent much appreciated congrats. Wish I had time to reply to them but I’m still pretty out of it so a big THANKS to all of you!


  1. I’ve never spent much of any time around infants or children. My half-sister has had two sons but I’ve never interacted with either and very, very infrequently talk to my sister. So I found something quite magical and powerful about this picture, the size of Ripley’s fist grabbing onto what I assume is John’s finger. That’s miraculous.

    Congratulations, Jennifer (& John, who had something of a part in it…). May your lives together be inspiring for all involved.

  2. Not even a week old and already the child is resorting to cannibalism. Yeesh.


  3. Anonymous


    What a great picture. Congratulations again! I’m glad everyone is healthy and happy. What fun to see him in the onesie!
    – Deena

  4. Anonymous

    By god whatever you do- DO NOT SELL THE KID FOR MONEY!!!(or candy) Much love-Brian

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