Good vibrations

Things have been going pretty well lately and a really good feeling about the momentum of RDSP has been building for some time. We’ve got a lot of *very* promising potential titles for next year. The sales seem to be slowly building each month and I’m particularly surprised to see our early titles 15 Serial Killers and Sick still gaining ground. I think the recent review in the Absinthe Literary Review of Sick gave us a decent boost and 15 Serial Killers is going to be in the new issue of American Book Review so that should help out.

We’ve been investigating some software designed for publishers that keeps track of sales and can calculate royalties based on percentage and even takes into account retailers with different discounts. The whole accounting has been very complicated and is only going to get more complicated as we release more titles. It would be great if this system works out for us. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to get the trial version to install. I think it’s because we’re still running our Mac on system 9 not X. But we can get them to send the program on CD so maybe that will work. This would be major help for us