Apparently Mike Arnzen was mobbed at his signing this past Thursday, which is great to hear. It sounds like his reading was hilarious as usual and I’m bummed that we couldn’t go, but it was way too far of a drive.

Mike is always smart about readings and brings his own copies of the books. For anybody who ever does a reading keep this in mind! No matter how on top of the event the store appears to be it’s better to bring some copies yourself. In this case the store ordered 12 copies but somehow received only 7. Mike brought 19 and all the books sold out. Some people had to go away empty-handed. That’s really too bad but it would have been awful if they’d had to depend on the store’s 7 copies.

It was no surpise to see the Everybody Scream! special edition at #1 on the Shocklines bestseller list but even cooler was the fact the Douglas Clegg hyped it in his newsletter. He said: “Thomas is one of those writers who is creating an impressive body of work, and who really creates surreal, dark, disturbing and yet wonderful tales.” There was a picture of the cover and then he said, “This is a special deluxe edition. I got one. How can you pass it up? It’s a face on the book itself. Meantime, can’t wait to read this.” You can sign up for his newsletter by going to

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