The chat last night went *really* well. A lot of people came by although we did hear from some people whose computers couldn’t handle the Java program so they couldn’t get in. I didn’t get to participate but I did read over John’s shoulder and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. It was also cool to give away 5 chapbooks and 2 copies of SICK. Kudos to the people at who were excellently prepared for the chat and made sure there were no dull times. Everyone asked lots of great questions and really kept John jumping for answers.

It’s amazing how much there is to know about publishing and how interested a lot of people are in the subject. Take the small press panel John was on at WHC. There was quite a crowd in attendance but when they asked people who were interested in starting a press to raise their hands there were only a few. Most people are on the authoring side of publishing and what goes on behind the scenes is a mystery to them. I think it’s very smart of authors to learn as much as they can about publishing both small and mainstream press publishing. Otherwise getting your work published is like stumbling in the dark in a room full of rusty bear traps. Publishing has a hundred ways to make you chew off your own leg no matter whether you choose to pursue self-publishing, small press or mainstream press.

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