Mostly I’ve just been answering emails lately. Now that John’s got Ripley during the day it’s impossible for him to do much with email, one-handed typing doesn’t just take twice as long, more like 4 times as long. Right now we’ve got a few people helping us out which is really great. Phillip Overby is handling unsolicted submissions for us while Cameron Pierce and dj_of_l are doing all manner of promo things. Without this help we’d definitely be going under but even so I’m feeling overwhelmed a lot of days.

I don’t know how many of you LJ’ers subscribe to Netflix but I’m guessing more than a few. Right now we have 211 things in our queue. John just keeps adding ’em. So is it just me or is 211 a little excessive?


  1. We’re at just over 160 — and I know there are four or five more I want to add when I get home tonight.

  2. i have 500 movies in my queue, which is the limit. I tried to add more but it wouldnt let me, I have to take a movie out of my queue to add one.
    That’s right, I’m more of a movie-nerd than all of you!!!

    500 fuckin’ movies!
    and I’d add more if I could.

    you have 211 movies in yours?
    what, you don’t like movies?
    comeon, you have room for another 289 movies

  3. You’re a Movie Mad Dog

    Wow…so there actually is a limit. No doubt John will work overtime now to get there. 289 more movies…I don’t think I could take it!

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