John will be attending World Fantasy and this time around we’ve got a couple books that we hope will cause a stir; Westermead and Fugue XXIX. Both are much more appropriate for the WFC crowd than what we had last time around. Also, Mike Arnzen, D. Harlan Wilson & Forrest Aguirre will be attending so hopefully John will have 4 fun-filled-baby-free days. However, I’m not sure how I’ll survive without John’s help at home.

Usually we do a lot to prepare for cons but this time around we don’t have a table so I’m not sure how that will all work out. Westermead & Fugue will be available at the Prime Books table and a bunch of our other titles including Play Dead and Pseudo-City will be at the Borderlands Books table. If you’re going and you can catch any of our authors make sure to do a Stop&chat with them. I’d venture to say that we have some of the nicest and most interesting authors around on our press and these 3 are no exception. Oh yeah, you can talk to John too if you see him.

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