Warning: this post contains self-defeatist language and gratuitous self-pity. If you don’t need any more negativity in your day (and who does) then do yourself a favor and skip this entry.

-open vent-

I’ve just about had it. You would think that high demand for a book would be a good thing but this Play Dead Grimoire is killing me. There just aren’t enough copies to go around and it’s ticked some people off, including some customers who are really important for our business. I’m tired of dealing with it and I’m tired of worrying about it.

I really like the creative aspect of publishing; the editing, book & cover design and even promoting a book can be a lot of fun but the financial stuff sucks. We’ve worked really hard to put out quality releases and I’m proud of every book we’ve done but it’s really hard to make back the money you put into a book. For every one project that’s a big success there are 2 or 3 that just don’t work out the way you’d hoped. It’s bad enough to pour time and money into these books and not get much back but to have people pissed off at you on top of everything else just isn’t worth it.

Two publishing tips: Don’t get in to publishing to make money and don’t do it to make friends.

I had this idea that we could publish great books, make enough money to cover them and have a little left over to continue publishing more great books but it was stupid and naive.

-close vent-


  1. Limiteds can always be tricky.

    Sorry you’re having a bad time of it. I’d recommend more trade oriented marketing and less “scene oriented” publicity.

  2. good point

    …actually 2 good points. On one hand we’ve had great success with limiteds but they are certainly fickle.

    We’ve definitely been trying to go in a trade direction but reaction time in publishing is so slow. Even though you see the brick wall you already have months of plans leading in that direction so you can’t avoid it.

  3. Publishing’s like any other small business. Give it time, learn from your mistakes and move on. Don’t give up on us Raw Dog. I’ve been damned impressed with the product of yours I’ve reviewed.

    No helpful suggestions, just some random flailing of my pom-poms!

    Rah, rah, Raw Dog!

  4. Much appreciated

    Your encouragement is much appreciated. The fact that people really enjoy the books we put out is the main thing that keeps us going.

  5. Anonymous

    Well, there’s no accounting for some people’s bad taste (or poor manners). It never cheered me up that so many great artists died broke, and then had their ‘genius’ recognized for millions of dollars later (…that some chump put in his pocket instead of the artist). I know that you and John pursue your art, and encourage others, out of a sense of creating something ‘better’ – so it’s a shame that money and politics can discourage such heart-felt work (work that makes a difference to the rest of us).

    Keep your head up – and never mind the a-holes…

  6. Anonymous

    Thanks for going to all the trouble

    I know from some friends who publish books what a nightmare the whole process is.

    Thanks for doing the Grimoires. I have a Everybody Scream Grimoire which I really like and have been very fortunate to get a Play Dead Grimoire. They will make a fantastic pair.



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