AUTHORS-BEBurkheadThe Underside of the Rainbow

In 2015 RDSP will publish B.E. Burkhead‘s debut poetry collection The Underside of the Rainbow. This is not the first time the RDSP crew has worked with Burkhead, however, since he was a regular contributor to the zine The Dream People which was a proving ground for the launch of the press.

B.E. Burkhead is one of the featured readers for 0ur Bizarro Halloween event at The Terrault Contemporary on October 25th in Baltimore at 7:30pm.


Excerpt from The Underside of the Rainbow:

Phantom Breath

I wake up
dreaming about cigarettes,
that first-try stroke
sparking in one slow
clean flick
it plays out in my mind
in ever so
slow motion
the naked flame
beckons the tobacco,
they embrace and kiss
with the intensity that consumes,
the first two fingers
on my right hand
ache and itch
Shamed by my
I breathe in
their spent passions and