I’m surprised and pleased that there seems to be quite a bit of buzz around Spider Pie. John said a couple people asked about it at the con and khaibit108 has had people asking her when the book will be available. I hope to be uploading the file soon and maybe we’ll have review copies by next month.

I’d say RDSP has taken a jump to another level with all these titles being released and corresponding sales increases. Or at least the workload has jumped to another level. I try to keep up with the books and every so often we crunch all the numbers to see what we’ve got ourselves into.

Number crunching can be creative and interesting. You can bend and twist those numbers so many different ways it’s hard to get a clear picture. Usually I concentrate on one book at a time calculating all the costs that went into the book and all the sales for that book to see if the book has made money or not. But that doesn’t take into account money spent on the general company for advertising, supplies, stuff that keeps us running. So this time I figured out how much total we’ve spent on the company so far and divided it by the number of titles to see how much each title costs us. It came out to a whopping $2000 per title. Now granted, we don’t actually spend that much on each title but we do have to spend the money for the things that keep the company running, pay for the website, ink, office supplies all kinds of doo-doo. This new figure may affect how we look at projects when we sign them though.

A good friend of mine who lives in CA just got internet access for the first time in his life and I’m psyched! All these years we’ve corresponded by super-slow postal mail. How did he live without a computer!!??