Since the cover artist for John’s book now has internet access I figured it’s time to slap a picture of his novel up here and let you know it is available for pre-order from Shocklines for a special $2 discount.

Although the book doesn’t have a lot in the way of supernatural happenings it does have plenty of f**ked up characters with attitudes, bickering, violence, stupidity and hilarity. I’m telling you John comes up with the craziest ideas that I’m pretty sure he’s the one behind those nasty cheese stuffed hotdogs they started selling years back.


  1. Anonymous

    So what’s wrong with cheese-stuffed hotdogs,HAH???Not only do they rule,but they go great with Vivarin as well.

    The Masked Cover Artist From CA Who Just Got Internet Access

  2. How about Vivarin stuffed hotdogs? That would wake you up AND give you indigestion or maybe hotdog stuffed cheese. There are too many things stuffed with cheese and not enough cheese stuffed with things!

  3. Anonymous

    Perhaps the fine folks at Kraft or Borden could put out a line of string cheese with little bits of Vivarin embedded in each stalk(are you listening,John?STORY IDEA!!!HAHAAAAAA).

    The Masked Artist From Cali

  4. Anonymous


    Since i haven’t been around thse parts in a while i’m stoping here first to say, YES i read it. haha. John sent me this apparently as payment for the number of times i had to sit through him talking ABOUT the book but never actually telling me anything about the book. A rare talent to say the least. I could have also recieved it since John’s cool and i’d do anything for him =).

    Anyway, the book rocks for sure, lacing in and out of aburdity like a rabid wennier dog on crack. It’s manic pace jets it forward through a series of the most improably probable events ever compiled on any one person with such ferosity and humor that there is never a moment to stop and realize it’s conciets untill long after they’ve been accepted into your consciousness. It’s a blazingly brilliant ride, and more importantly a FUN one. Don’t find that too often now-a-days, a really pure fun book. It’s got it’s faults too, it sort of tampers out towards the end in a sort of “yeah well…um, and then stuff happend, the end”. The book raises far more questions than it answers and doesn’t quite mannage to leave you with a satifing ending. Like the ending of one of the Lord of the Rings series, you suddnely find yourslef at the end of the book going well….? what now? I think there is a sequell in this, and alothough i could have wished for a better resolution the ride is well worth the purchass. It’s a good book.

  5. Re: Moo

    Cake! cool to hear from you and glad you liked the book. I do believe John has plans for a sequel. I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into a trilogy. He never knows when to stop! I hope you’re doing well. I miss all your comments on the LJ.

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