The funeral for John’s father was Friday and we got through that OK. I think he is doing as well as can be expected and I know he appreciates everybody’s support.

It’s hard to keep going though. I’ve been able to keep up with routine things like record keeping and emails. Bare Bone #6 has been fixed and I’m anxiously awaiting an order of books to make sure the interior prints correctly this time. I’ve sent minor corrections to an author of one upcoming book and we’re starting to put together December’s issue of The Dream People. All I can say is tank goodness dj_of_l was the guest editor this time around so all the stories have been chosen. We just have to format the stories for the web.

But all the things that require enthusiasm, creativity and excitement are going to have to wait. That’s mostly either concept and idea stuff, collaborating with the author at the beginning of a project or the promo stuff at the end.

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